A county native, Laura was raised in Pleasant Gap, and worked for her father’s small insurance business for a number of years. She studied English and Philosophy at Penn State, and has been a fixture in the local arts and music community. Currently, Shadle lives in Bellefonte, PA. 


Her political roots in the county run deep, as she began organizing in 2008. She has previously served as the Executive Director for the Centre County Democratic Committee. Shadle now runs District Outreach for State Representative Scott Conklin of the 77th Legislative District, and also serves on the PA Democratic State Committee and with the Centre County Young Democrats. She has also been instrumental in organizing for other candidates in the region, with her proudest accomplishment being running the successful Teamwork slate for the Centre County Commissioners and row officers in 2019.  This has connected her with a network of incredible individuals across the county and state, and she is proud to serve as a flagship candidate, elevating the platforms of other municipal and statewide candidates as much as her own.

Social justice has also been a driving force in her career, organizing for health care reform, Speak Out Against Sexual Violence, and Black Lives Matter. Shadle understands that justice comes in many forms, and aims to utilize her experience and innovative skills to fight for equity in our judicial system. 

All of this uniquely positions her to advocate for and work with Centre County residents from all walks of life. Her passion, dedication, and proven experience will ensure a fair and just judicial process for all of us.